Ultra Happy Alarm - colorful kawaii rave nude art book

Created by Amelia G

Beautifully shot, designed & produced hardcover coffee table art book of Audra colorful kawaii style, illustrations, desserts & nudes.

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Teaser for Bubblegum Pop Song Download for ALL Backers
almost 7 years ago – Wed, Dec 07, 2016 at 03:14:33 PM

Super catchy bubblegum pop goodness. Heaven Pegasus produced this track with Audra and it is going to be a bonus free download for all backers, if we make our goal! We are at 68% right now, with one day left, so please please share.

Here is what Heaven has to say about it: "Thrilled to announce that I am producing songs for a new bubblegum pop idol, ultrahappyalarm aka Audra Jayne!

Our debut song "Spider" is streaming now on, but is only available for download by supporting Audra's art book project at

Audra is a talented visual artist, princess of the Los Angeles happy hardcore rave scene, and American J-fashion icon. I've always wanted to write songs for another pop artist and I couldn't have found a more perfect collaborator. Please listen to our hard work!"


What is the least cutest thing about Audra?
almost 7 years ago – Wed, Dec 07, 2016 at 03:02:46 PM

One day left in this Kickstarter and we're at 67% funded! The good people at Kickstarter do a lot of math for artists and they say that, "Of the projects that have reached 60% of their funding goal, 98% were successfully funded." We still have a ways to go with one day left, but it looks like we can do it! Thank you all so much for your support and please share this project like crazy for the next day. You can share with the buttons on the Kickstarter page or by typing in :-)

Love, Audra & Amelia

Snapshot of sketchbook
Snapshot of sketchbook



Free Bonus Music Download and Stickers and Prints
almost 7 years ago – Tue, Dec 06, 2016 at 09:22:42 PM

In addition to everyone who pledges, at the sticker level or above, getting fabulous custom stickers and prints, you are all going to get a free bonus music download!

Audra is collaborating with Heaven Pegasus on a music project. Heaven Pegasus is a singer/songwriter/lyricist/producer whose work uses the tight formal structures of bubblegum pop music to explore themes of loss of innocence, non-binary gender, and unrequited love. Ultra Happy Alarm backers will receive an exclusive sneak peek download of their song Spider.

For now, you can watch this hilarious karaoke video of Audra and Heaven doing Toybox Tarzan is handsome, Tarzan is strong ...

Love, Audra & Amelia


Heaven Pegasus and Happy Alarm Karaoke
Heaven Pegasus and Happy Alarm Karaoke


Art Contest Drawings and Gratitude
almost 7 years ago – Tue, Dec 06, 2016 at 08:01:47 AM

Things just sort of happen around me and I've gotten to do a lot of neat stuff with a lot of neat people. There are projects being planned and supporting the Kickstarter is more about creating new projects than it is about archiving the old although why not include as much fun as possible! And so, people who have done drawings of me can also potentially have their work included depending on how much space we have. I also just decided that everyone who enters the contest gets a pack of the stickers we are making. People who have made art previously before the book was even announced will be given a chance to enter a raffle for some prizes too and some of them will be in print if possible! But only people who specifically make art for the contest are eligible to win a copy of the book. I really am so happy that so many people seem to be having fun with drawing!! All colors make me feel so happy. The drawing doesn't have to be of me, it could be simply inspired by anything, a conversation or situation that makes you think "Ultra Happy" c:

Everyone is being so super nice and supportive, friends and acquaintances and strangers coming out of the internet wood work to wish me best with my project and now that I'm not flying around at breakneck speed for work I am able to actually absorb what's happening, all the people who have used their precious time and brains to make art for my contest, people who have shared the project and keep sharing it and liking all my posts even though I am extremely self conscious about it and I'm sure it's annoying some people, and then of course you who so kindly have pledged to support the Kickstarter for my book and in that way show your belief in me as an artist. I hope that my work can be in print and this is such a beautiful opportunity and that belief itself is my most cherished thing. I really hope we make it to our goal, but I'm already happy.

Thank you all so much.

Love, Audra






FICKLE WISH – J-Fashion of Los Angeles – Documentary
almost 7 years ago – Sun, Dec 04, 2016 at 09:49:59 PM

Audra curates kawaii fashion and toys for Fickle Wish of Los Angeles. This documentary featuring her was released this week. If this Kickstarter meets its goal, we'll definitely be shooting a lot more of this sort of style with her. Plus Audra has some delightfully disturbed ideas for shoots where she bleeds candy. She probably really does bleed candy. Forrest Black and I have already scouted out the Candy District and all we need to make these shoots a reality (and for you to get awesome books featuring really creative productions like this) is for this Kickstarter to hit its goal, so please do share the project link around:

Love, Amelia

Still from FICKLE WISH (2016) – J-Fashion of Los Angeles – Documentary
Still from FICKLE WISH (2016) – J-Fashion of Los Angeles – Documentary