Ultra Happy Alarm - colorful kawaii rave nude art book

Created by Amelia G

Beautifully shot, designed & produced hardcover coffee table art book of Audra colorful kawaii style, illustrations, desserts & nudes.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Ultra Happy Alarm Donating 4% to Oakland Rave Fire
almost 7 years ago – Sat, Dec 03, 2016 at 05:09:02 PM

Sorry to be the bringer of bummer news, but a warehouse fire broke out at a rave in Oakland yesterday. Audra says, "I really am sad and feel horrible about what happened. Oakland is special to me."

So we've decided to give 4% of this project, if it hits its stretch goal, to the Oakland fundraiser and at least 1% if it succeeds but without room to spare.

Sometimes it can feel so hard to continue with a project, when the world just seems so full of terrible things. But the world needs art, especially happy art, even more as a defense against tragedy. We'd appreciate it if you can share both the link to the Ultra Happy Alarm Kickstarter and the link to the Oakland fund raiser. Thanks so much, everyone.

Love, Audra & Amelia

PS Remember, you can share with either or the longer Kickstarter link or short codes on the Kickstarter page below the video.

Stickers! Prints! New Video! More Photos! More Drawings!
almost 7 years ago – Fri, Dec 02, 2016 at 11:58:08 AM

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for backing this project in the early stages! We've only got one week left and we were feeling a little nervous about making the goal and getting to do the book, so we added even more goodness.

All of you who pledged so far are going to get custom sticker packs as a bonus! Everyone who pledges at the sticker pack level or above will also get a surprise print from Audra! Yay!

Brand new video! Much shorter and with tons more photos and artwork. Please visit the project page, check it out, let us know what you think, and share it on social media. It would be super awesome nice if you could help spread the word that there is a new video and much more info on the coffee table book project now at

You can also type into your Instagram or wherever and that goes to the Kickstarter page too :-)

Love, Audra & Amelia